The Fundamentals of Social Strategy

I Never Set Out to Have a Career in Social Media It just sort of happened. I certainly didn't know very much in the beginning, but I did have a clear sense of how to tell stories. And that - most marketers would agree - is the single greatest tool in the arsenal. The ability to connect with an audience, and tell them a story that will help solve their problems. This week's YouTube video was about the Fundamentals of Social Strategy. (Watch
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New Beginnings

What if I told you that 18 months ago I started a journey that changed my life? Back in January 2017, I was still waiting tables and I approached my boss about the restaurant's social media accounts. Our PR company was managing the social feeds and many of us felt like they were doing a pretty lazy job. (Which is the worst kind of bad.) I took over the management of the social feeds with the expectation that we'd eventually bring someone else in
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