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Follow the Big Boys

The Real Difference Between Big & Small... Small Businesses are the lifeblood of this country... the American Dream in action. I'm certainly proof of that, as are many of the clients I work with. In fact, almost all of them are bootstrapping operations because they're passionate about what they're doing, and it's the only real way to keep things profitable. It's inspiring to see, and an honor to be a part of. But the one thing I consistently
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The Fundamentals of Social Strategy

I Never Set Out to Have a Career in Social Media It just sort of happened. I certainly didn't know very much in the beginning, but I did have a clear sense of how to tell stories. And that - most marketers would agree - is the single greatest tool in the arsenal. The ability to connect with an audience, and tell them a story that will help solve their problems. This week's YouTube video was about the Fundamentals of Social Strategy. (Watch
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